Sunday, October 30, 2011

on the 110

SO in a few previous posts i wrote my new cameras to look for were the "higher end" polaroid pack film cameras ( 180, 185, 195), and while im still in search for those, i have also found something else im looking for that might be a little bit more reasonable/ realistic.

Polaroid 110A

Now the only reason why i would be getting one of these is to do a conversion to pack film, and while im a retard and have no formal clue on how to hack or re-create anything other than air, I think I shall be ok with this one....maybe...

That was done by moominsean and it looks amazing.. mine will look like ass but hopefully once i find one it will at least shoot.

and thats all...

camera porn

see ya

Monday, October 24, 2011

weapon of choice

was goin thru my point and shoot collection which i'll be posting here soon. Changed the face of this epic.. kinda looks like a cow:

Monday, September 12, 2011

works like gangbusters!

With everything in life its true that time heals everything. " Good things come too those who wait for it".. i think chingy said that?....i could be wrong. Anyways months back I posted a blAH-G about how I was searching for a specific point and shoot 35mm camera. The camera is a Yashica T4 but most importantly comes with a Carl Zeiss lens. No biggy right? Its film so it should be cheap.. prolly could just score a deal on craigslist or ebay:

F THAT!.. $200 scrills for an old camera.. thats re-donk

So I made it a point that id keep searching for it much like I did with the Polaroid SX-70.. That was many months ago with no luck...

( gotta love the ...)

Until I got close.. a clue if you may, in the form of a Yashica T2 also with carl zeiss lens for a measly $2.95 at a honey hole:

I was still really jazzed to find this camera ( did he really just say jazzed?), but after i spent $15 on a battery there was no dice. The camera did not load the film so I pronounced it dead on the scene.

A week later I found another camera that had a Colt following in the LOMO world. The camera is called a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim:

I looked up a lot of photos that were taken by this camera and decided too cough up the 72 cents for the purch. Loaded it up with some film and snapped some testers:

Nothing too crazy.. I dont see what all the fuss is about really. Maybe ill load it with some slide film and have it cross processed.. who knows.
The day I found that camera I actually found 2 at once.. Which is crazy because I found another 2 today.. bringing the grand total to 4 Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim ( go ahead... check my math)

Whatever whatever whatever.. ill keep 2 and either give away or sell the others.. I think in total I paid $3.75 for all 4
Anyways.. the search continued for the Great White Elephant ( yashica t4).

That very search landed me at a thrift store that I had never ever had any luck at in the valley. The place was once good.. then they cleaned it up and made it more professional and camera selection went down the drain. It was a thrift that id go in with hopes and dreams of finding gorgeous gems but always walked out in a rage thinking " why do i waste my time going here". Well today my luck changed...

i found a briefcase full of LOOT $$$$$$

Kidding.. but i might as well found that.

I walked up to the camera section and thot too myself " damn... it looks like the same of shit... im wasting my life with this crap"
till i noticed a black and red camera bag sitting towards the back.

It was open.. meaning that someone must have looked at it... and there she was.. tucked away in a padded black bag.. just looking for some love:

My new Yashica T4 Super

Crikey... i was soo stoked i didnt even look at the price tag. Good thing the place didnt know how much it was worth because I ended up only playing $6.99 for it!

and it even came with a new bag and camera manual:

guhh im a nerd

Ok... well shit should I tell you my next search? I will anyways...

Im going to be super unrealistic on this one and shoot for one of these 3 beauties:

im rather confident that i'll never find any of those.. fingers crossed i guess!

thanks for tuning in


Saturday, September 3, 2011

lost in the abyss


I DONT KNOW WHAT i just pushed but it erased the long post I was just making about my mammoth trip... guess it wasnt meant to be.. im'a leave this up here as a lesson to those who randomly push buttons from time to time.. an HouR of work on this in the drain.. FML"

Friday, September 2, 2011

gotta choppa in the car

So a while back i was pretty excited to find a brand new in box
Nikon Lite Touch
35mm point and shoot camera at a thrift store in Burbank for only 5$. Anyways i did some research and learned that its a relatively sought after little camera, so i decided to give it a whirl.
In all honesty, I wasnt too impressed with this camera. Most of the shots were out of focus, and just not all that clear in general. Nikon nailed it with the design of this camera tho. It fits like a glove in hand. Only downside is for some reason when I try and compose a quick shot through the viewfinder my eye isnt quick enough to find it. Now I wont be entirely negative about this little camera that-semi-could. Too be honest.. i love the panoramic ability of it. Matter of fact I should just super glue it on pano because those shots i got with it i was actually impressed with:

and here is the only shot that came out semi ok in standard frame. The foto's aite but the creeper in it is another story:


Question is .. should you buy it?

The answer is if you can find it for less that $10... i say yes, but only shoot in panorama mode, you'll like the way they come out.

So far with al the point and shoots ive been using I've really enjoyed the Olympus Stylus EPIC and the Pentax UC-1. they both are awsome cameras, and although I am still searching for the Yashica T4 i would like to explain that i came pretty close by picking up a Yashica t2 with carl ziess lens. It was $2.75, but the battery for it was almost $15.. sheeeesh. Oh and once i got the battery in it.. the damn thing didnt work. FUH!

have a good one. bros and bro-dets

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My homie Donald ( not d-ray.. d-rays still a homie tho.. even tho he x'd me from his life.) started re-training me how to develop Black and white film at his house.. Such a nice bro, super helpful and patient. Anyways it was a good time and here are some shots from my Re-birthed olympus XA-1

Sunday, August 7, 2011

thats right big homie

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